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We love ordering from here! Great service and the staff are so lovely. Food and drinks are always great

Courtney, 12 Jun 2021

  Reply : Thank you Courtney , glad you enjoy


Cheryl, 28 May 2021

Nice very nice

Jack, 21 May 2021

Brilliant service

Marie, 07 May 2021

Best day is shake day

Lynne, 16 Apr 2021


Robyn, 19 Mar 2021

Love it, the perfect Friday treat

Christine, 19 Mar 2021

man who delivered it was friendly

Lacey, 12 Mar 2021


Kuiama, 12 Mar 2021

Looking forward to trying this out

Christine, 12 Mar 2021

Even though it was estimated to be 1 hour 30 mins it was only around 40 mins and still tasted very nice,g ood job

Harvey, 06 Mar 2021

Brilliant service all ways deliverd on time

Joy, 13 Feb 2021

  Reply : Thanks Joy


Liv, 12 Feb 2021

Always amazing and so friendly

Courtney, 06 Feb 2021

  Reply : Thank you Courtney and thank you for your continued support

Brilliant food and drinks

Hollie, 05 Feb 2021

  Reply : Thank you Hollie

Lovely . thank you

Natalie, 01 Feb 2021

  Reply : Thanks Natalie

Very nice

Mike, 31 Jan 2021

Yet another great delivery of brownies and ice cream for a cheeky treat. Brilliant service; off the charts amazing brownies (Creme egg brownies - oh my word! Lush!) and large portions. One of our best local lockdown discoveries

Claire, 29 Jan 2021

  Reply : Thank you Claire glad you enjoyed it see you again soon we hope

I didn’t get any notification as to when it was ready. I knew the time to go collect but email or text would been better

Clare Corless, 29 Jan 2021

  Reply : We will make Foodhub aware of your suggestion, the default to collect is 30 mins from ordering which is what we aim for - thank you for your order

Takes quite a while. I ordered and was seeing when it was gonna be delivered and it now says 0 hours and 0 minutes and I have not received my order ?

Faith Willis, 29 Jan 2021

  Reply : We were really busy Faith and sorry it took longer than anticipated , thank you for your order

Tango ice blasts please

Gemma, 29 Jan 2021

Amazing that this place dilivers to an address 90mins away!

Aisha, 22 Jan 2021

You have charged me twice. Please refund my amount of £26.70 asap. Thanks

Melissa, 09 Jan 2021

  Reply : We don’t charge you Melissa it’s all done via the credit card company, will investigate on your behalf what has happened

This is my best time Shaking it

Lynne, 19 Dec 2020


Rachel, 12 Dec 2020


Reece, 27 Nov 2020


Faith, 20 Nov 2020

looking forward for my order

Samantha, 14 Nov 2020

First time we have ordered from here and we loved it specially the tango ice blast, and the hot dog was tasty to, great delivery service

Donna, 13 Nov 2020

  Reply : Thank you Donna

Details provided for previous feedback Rebecca Lisle - 07834949509

Anne, 07 Nov 2020

Hi we ordered chocolate orange but got vanilla! It was marked KBW ?

Anne, 07 Nov 2020

thanks for the help through messenger :)

Kaitlan, 06 Nov 2020

Friendly service, will be ordering again x

Shelby, 01 Nov 2020


Rebecca, 24 Oct 2020


Lynne, 23 Oct 2020

You are the best thing in my week

Lynne, 23 Oct 2020

  Reply : Thank you

Always tastes great

Lydia, 18 Oct 2020


found out why delivery didnt turn up night after take it all back food spot on a message would helped but not there fault

Darren, 17 Oct 2020

  Reply : Apologies Darren for the communication, missing drivers and trying to fulfil loads of orders meant we had no one available, thanks for your order and custom ,


Food was cold when we finally recieved it AFTER 2:30 hrs after ordering to then have a phone call and got told that the drink we ordered they diddnt have in so then waiting another 45 mins after been told they would be 5-10 mins! And never evan got a sorry when the food finally arrived and never got offered any money back SHOCKING

Brooke, 17 Oct 2020

  Reply : Your order has been refunded per your telephone call and before you received it - we have rang and apologised to you and explained the issue but the issue was out of our control with 2 motor vehicle incidents at Skelton Ellers which have delayed our drivers getting back to base - sorry once again ,

I always order from here very good quality and value for your money

Jade, 10 Oct 2020

  Reply : Thank you Jade

Can not stay away

Only, 02 Oct 2020

  Reply : Thank you for your custom

Amazing quality and amazing for the amount you get thankyou

Siobhan, 26 Sep 2020

Hi just to let you know we didnt get the freddos ordered if we can have next time please .thankyou

Lisa Jayne Willis, 25 Sep 2020


Only, 25 Sep 2020

Very nice

Brad , 19 Sep 2020

We love using shake yard the food and staff are lovely

Jackie, 11 Sep 2020

It was so good and it came nice and warm too

Serenatyanne, 06 Aug 2020

Hersheys frozen shake taste really good and nice hotdogs as well

John Steven Steele, 02 Aug 2020

Best desserts around! Waffles & Cookie dough are amazing

Ella, 02 Aug 2020


OMG it was amazing again. Came on time and was out of this world, the waffles are something else, too much maybe for one but I still finished it. Highly recommend for a naughty treat

Mike, 28 Jun 2020

  Reply : Thank you Mike glad you enjoy them

Amazing, lovely service, easy app to use, loads to pick from and it all taste amazing. Thank you!

Courtney , 18 Jun 2020

Thank you for taking our order at such short notice! Great service thank you!

Jayne, 06 Jun 2020


Just finished our BBQ and it arrived OMG it was amazing, I didn’t get much of the waffle as the wife and kids nicked it all. Shakers were top notch. Not good for me waistline but I will be ordering again soon. Thanks

Mike, 30 May 2020

I love ordering from this dessert yard it's the best place

Jadey, 30 May 2020

Would always recommend this place if you definitely have a sweet tooth

Jadey, 29 May 2020

We think the good is great, good value also we enjoy getting the couple deals once every now and then

Simone, 28 May 2020

Good Service only took 1hr instead of 2 to arrive also

Thomas, 23 May 2020

The kids loved the treat boxes, my daughter said it was the best hotdog she has ever had!! We will definitely be ordering again.

Leanne, 17 May 2020

Great quality and service

Amy, 16 May 2020

Stay safe

Jack, 13 May 2020

Fantastic food and drink for tea. Milkshakes, hotdogs, waffles and stuff to have with a movie later. Arrived 5.40 - very happy customers. Thank you!

Julie, 08 May 2020

Always delicious, favourite order is the lotus biscoff waffle.

Katie, 02 May 2020

Great shakes tasty

Claire, 01 May 2020

Absolutely brilliant for my girls as a treat as I can't be with them during lockdown. They absolutely love their Friday delivery! Thank You so much! X

Eloise, 23 Apr 2020


Andrew, 22 Apr 2020

We love shakeyard, its always delicious and the staff are lovely xx

Lisa, 18 Apr 2020

Absolutely fantastic! Arrived early! Everything was gorgeous! My little girl was over the moon with the sweets and milkshake! We all enjoyed it! Will definitely be ordering again!!

Adele Leonard, 17 Apr 2020


Leom, 13 Apr 2020

Very good

Emily Wilton , 11 Apr 2020

Delicious milkshakes! Worth the money! 3 weeks in a row we’ve ordered now!

Tammy, 08 Apr 2020

Great drinks they are amazing for working when the covid 19 is happening

Steeley, 03 Apr 2020

First time I have ordered from you I thought I give my daughter a treat for been so good with been in lock down very impressed will order again xxx

Margarete, 03 Apr 2020


Amazing good could have done with a bit more ice cream though otherwise amazing

Harry, 03 Apr 2020



Angelina, 22 Mar 2020

Milkshake amazing

John, 15 Mar 2020

Absolutely delicious

Jadey, 14 Mar 2020

Wow ♡ thank you

Karen, 13 Mar 2020

Great I love it

Jadey, 08 Mar 2020

Best place ever

Bailey, 07 Mar 2020

Very good value for the price and the food is delicious

Jadey, 06 Mar 2020

They do all sorts of shakes but the best one I have had so far is the Oreo there’s more but the list would be to long I definitely recommend

Heather, 01 Mar 2020


Luke, 29 Feb 2020

Always great service and products!

Vicky, 23 Feb 2020

I loooove the kinder treat boxes they do

Rose, 09 Feb 2020

Will always order from here good quality treats and snacks and good choice for the price

Jadey, 09 Feb 2020

Very kind staff

Rhys, 08 Feb 2020

Good service

Neil, 01 Feb 2020

Always lovely food

Amy, 26 Jan 2020

Very nice shakes thank you

Bobbie, 19 Jan 2020


Connor, 12 Jan 2020

Really good food and drinks always order from here and service is really good always friendly

Heather, 05 Jan 2020


Shaun, 05 Jan 2020

it’s very yummy in my tummy

Sarah, 04 Jan 2020


Olivia, 03 Jan 2020

Great milkshake :)

Liam, 29 Dec 2019


Leom, 21 Dec 2019

Excellent food

Rob, 15 Dec 2019

Great service!

Nathalie, 14 Dec 2019


Lisa, 14 Dec 2019

I have ordered from here afew times and always quick and food is perfect on arrival. Ithink you get what you pay for great value

Michelle, 11 Dec 2019


Great food! Slower speed but definitely worth the wait, to be expected. Love it!!! :)

Katie Smith, 06 Dec 2019

There cookie dough is very nice

Wayne, 06 Dec 2019

Very good

Sam, 01 Dec 2019

Good quality

Loui, 01 Dec 2019

Little on the pricey side, but you pay for convenience don't you. Arrived promptly and food was great!

Ben, 17 Nov 2019


Love this place. Fantastic items every time we order. We order from Brotton so delivery takes a while but food always comes perfect every time.

Amy Gell, 17 Nov 2019

  Reply : Thank you Amy we love your custom too ?

arrived 20 mins early and was very nice!!

Phoebe, 16 Nov 2019

The milkshakes are insaneeee !!

Amanda, 10 Nov 2019

Very good

Elle, 09 Nov 2019


Maria, 03 Nov 2019

Nice food and great shakes

Taylor, 02 Nov 2019

Lovely little treat for the kids

Alex, 25 Oct 2019

I love ordering from here and great value for money

Jadey, 19 Oct 2019

Kids love it. I do love an ice blast

Andrew, 11 Oct 2019

Very recommendable and always order from here

Jadey, 05 Oct 2019

cookie dough was warm, chocolatey and tasty! amazing

Max, 04 Oct 2019

  Reply : Thankyou Max !

Always great service and tasty products

Claire, 29 Sep 2019

Perfect order time

Jamie, 19 Sep 2019

Always order from here love it

Jadey, 15 Sep 2019

Great food every time!

Max, 07 Sep 2019

Love this service

Jadey, 01 Sep 2019

Really really good

Chloe, 30 Aug 2019

I was called quite soon after I ordered and she checked with me about some items as I’d said I have an allergy. Much appreciated as it’s often not taken seriously enough! Everything from here is also always lovely so would recommend.

Talitha, 24 Aug 2019

  Reply : Thank you Talitha, we take our customer's allergens very seriously and will always check before fulfilling your order.



Melissa, 18 Aug 2019

Nice. Very nice

Chloe, 18 Aug 2019

Amazing place would definitely recommend!

Mac, 18 Aug 2019

Brilliant every time

Jacqueline, 10 Aug 2019

Second time ordering customer and love there choices of items and great deals

Jadey, 04 Aug 2019

Excellent food and drinks , quick delivery and friendly service.

Fiona Ward, 04 Aug 2019

We had hot dog, nachos, milkshake, brownies and cheesecake it was lovely. Would recommend to anyone.

June, 03 Aug 2019

Amazing place does the best desserts and delivers fast!!!

Andrew, 03 Aug 2019

Was delicious will definitely be ordering from there again

Michelle, 02 Aug 2019


Fab. Late but rang me when was on route and returned the delivery charge so thought was nice gesture. Will be ordering again tonight hot dog would prefer a soft bun and nachos t have grated cheese option not just cheese sauce. Would still defo recommend.

Lou Bents, 02 Aug 2019

Great service

Arran, 01 Aug 2019

Tastey. Good prices

Jordan, 01 Aug 2019

Very happy with my order and the quick service will be ordering again and staff very helpful .

Sally, 01 Aug 2019

First time using shake yard and there was lots of great choice and good value for money

Jadey, 01 Aug 2019


Matthew, 14 Jul 2019

Love the shake yard. Brilliant

Chris, 14 Jul 2019

Super duper service always happy to help

Michael, 06 Jul 2019

Lush Food Great Service

Amy, 06 Jul 2019

1st time ordered but was amazing and will definitely order again :)

Sammy , 30 Jun 2019

Quick delivery time, lovely food!

Maria, 30 Jun 2019

the cheese cakes are out of this world wouldn’t go any where else

Sadie, 30 Jun 2019

Great service, very quick delivery and desserts taste amazing!!!

Lauren, 23 Jun 2019

Very good

Warren, 20 Jun 2019

The best milkshakes

Emma, 17 Jun 2019

Absolutely incredible scran

Alex, 15 Jun 2019

Every order has been spot on

Jamie, 09 Jun 2019

It’s nice and averagely priced

Terri, 05 Jun 2019

Never had a bad service from here. Order at least once a week

Emily, 02 Jun 2019

Good service Friendly people order regular

Jeanette, 31 May 2019


Really nice shakes, and good delivery speed for the distance, glad they deliver so far will order again

K B, 30 May 2019

I love the shake yard it is the best

Millie, 30 May 2019


Joanne, 28 May 2019

Love this place

Lyndsey, 26 May 2019

Great service amazing food and drink get an delivery ever week of them strawberry milkshakes are to die for

Ebony, 20 May 2019

Amazing thank you. The luxury family deal is a very good deal. The diam milkshake was the best I've tasted.

Rachel Jones, 20 May 2019


Adam, 19 May 2019

Thank you so much, for the wonderful food. And for doing that for my sisters birthday !! Truly so grateful.

Rose, 19 May 2019

Good to have in guisborough

Andrew, 18 May 2019

Quick delivery

Vin, 18 May 2019

Tasty and my new fave place

Karen, 17 May 2019

This is the 4th time I’ve ordered and love it, really happy with the service and items I’ve ordered. I should really start walking to collect my orders

Emily, 17 May 2019

Fabulous service and delighted with our order, delicious milkshakes thank you

Kathryn Lunn, 16 May 2019

Good service

Adam, 16 May 2019

Really nice, will definitely be ordering again!

Georgia Abbie, 14 May 2019

Lovely full of flavour

Casey, 13 May 2019

Thankyou for my order, quick delivery! Lovely lad who delivered... made sure I was happy with my order and time! First order and will return!

Siobhan Brown , 11 May 2019

I could not fault your customer services enough. Absolutely 100% recomended

Helen, 11 May 2019

Great shakes

Daniel, 28 Apr 2019


Dylan, 26 Apr 2019

We love the shake yard.

Tanya, 14 Apr 2019

Great place and food

Brogan, 12 Apr 2019


Olivia, 09 Apr 2019

Amazing service quality snacks perfect for them days you just want to add an inch or 2 to the waistline ;)

Jamie, 07 Apr 2019

It’s really tasty

Marian, 31 Mar 2019

Cake is lush came really fast would definitely tell people about you

Emma Jayne Wynn, 29 Mar 2019

Absolutely gorgeous hot dog! Great quality and came nice and hot. Drinks came cold and were lovely! Great service! Thank you!

Lauren, 26 Mar 2019

Excellent food and very quick delivery thankyou

Tracie, 22 Mar 2019

Great product. Fab way to treat the kids

Carolyn, 16 Mar 2019

Brilliant service ... Fast delivery. Kids love it

Zoe, 15 Mar 2019

Love love love the shake yard

Amanda, 15 Mar 2019

Fantastic thank you

Stell, 14 Mar 2019

Great quality food

Graham, 14 Mar 2019

Ordered a ice blast a milkshake and cheesecakes and I can say that was the best cake I've ever eaten. I won't be a stranger from your shop that's for sure Eric & Luke

Eric, 08 Mar 2019

Our first order from here we are very pleased it came in about 20 minutes. We will be ordering again

Noname, 23 Feb 2019

Every time we get a delivery from here there always spot on I’d recommend them any day of the week. It’s unreal and always comes in such a fast time

Steph, 20 Feb 2019

Great service polite quick delivery. Overall great company will continue to use and recommend

Amy, 20 Feb 2019

Went above and beyond on our order thankyou so so much!

Leah, 19 Feb 2019

Selection of everything to suit everyones tastes, good value for money- would definitely reccomend!!

Natalie, 16 Feb 2019

Easy to order and select keeps the grandchildren happy!!!

Fred, 16 Feb 2019

Amazing food, fast service, definitely recommend

Jess, 16 Feb 2019

Tasty shakes and cookie dough

Alice, 14 Feb 2019

Good food


Very nice and friendly

India ,



Can fault the service

Charlie Turner,

Great idea


Grand kids love the cookie dough and ice blasts


Amazing food and the milkshakes are to die for!


Love this little gem, fantastic service. Highly recommend to all x


Great weekender benders with these shakeyard beauty milkshakes my kids love them


Excellent value for money


Hotdogs are huge and tasty, shakes are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks.


Drinks where amazing

Christofe ,

Brilliant food and service


Absolutely delicious


Speedy and excellent value for money , delicious


really fast service


Amazing thank you x


Very nice and reasonably priced never been disappointed would recommend highly


Excellent service and quick delivery


We love the shake yard


Absolutley fab idea and worth the money


delivery came in 20 minutes! delivery man was so lovely! will defo order again x


Very quick delivery Loads of choices Everything was great Cant wait to try some cake when you have some Would love to see dinky donuts and dips


Beautiful and very nice


Easy to understand the website when ordering


Lovely food and drinks, quick delivery time and lovely driver


Really tasty & speedy delivery with driver who was so polite

Catherine ,

Fantastic we love to order and the products are great




superb quality , awesome delivery time , will defo be ordering again


Great service came within 25 mins


Every product is lovely, can’t fault it! Very happy every time no complaints

Alice ,

Nice cinema food great for residents of Guisborough


Love the Shakeyard. Can’t fault it at all. Brilliant food and brilliant service


Ordered first time tonight and will definitely be ordering again the cheese cake was unreal

Leah ,

Very good service


Really good


Oh two happy girls with their ice blasts.


Very nice


Absolutely amazing


Fast delivery and quality products


Fast delivery and very quality products


Great choice and quality , delivery came super quick. Will be ordering again! Thank you :)


Quick service lovely delivery lass will b orderin again kids enjoyed it many thanks n keep up the good work




3rd time ordering so far, new favourite


Haven’t taste anything better than the milkshakes definitely will be ordering again ❤️ Delivery driver is polite


Brilliant!!! Over the moon just what Guisborough needs xx




Love the shake yard.second order In a week. Keep up the good work x


Gorgeous food and fast delivery!! X


Amazing, perfect sunday night treat!!


Amazing, perfect sunday night treat!!


Amazing, perfect Sunday treat!!


Asbsalutly smashing


Very nice food


Easy ordering


Awesome! Arrived within 30 mins


Lovely thank you


Very quick service .. good value for money .. recommend and will be ordering again




Absolutely delicious we were very pleased with our desserts!


The food was absolutely delicious and amazing value for money. It arrived very quickly and the delivery driver was lovely


Very nice!!!!!!


Omg there unreallll